Craft Corner: DIY Personalized Tee

Today was one of those days where it finally clicked. Ever since T was born, I have been buying him cute little personalized shirts. However, these shirts run anywhere from $15 to $20, if not more! Today as I was sitting at my desk talking to a friend about these shirts that we buy for our sons, I realized that I had printable HTV just waiting to be used! For all you crafty, DIY, frugal mommas: this one is for you!

1. Create Your Design

I just drew a circle, filled it with red stripes, Googled an elephant silhouette, and added a monogram. VIOLA!


Travel the South: Mobile, AL

I might be a little biased since Mobile is my hometown, but I am in love with the rich Southern charm of the beautiful Port City! As it's been said, Mobile is perfectly situated between the woods and the water, making it the ideal home for sportsmen and outdoors lovers alike. Just a short drive from Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island, and Orange Beach, there is always somewhere to go to be by the water! That is definitely something that I miss living up near Birmingham. Not to mention, it is the birthplace of Mardi Gras and home of the Moonpie Drop on New Year's Eve!

I recently spent the weekend in Mobile, so I am sharing some of my favorite spots.
(I could go on forever!)