Errrday a Holiday: Merry, Merry!

Well, it has been awhile! Life has been crazy lately.  Between work, mommy duties, wifey duties, and the holidays, there is hardly any time to do anything!  Not to mention we have been on the go almost every weekend.  So today, I have an entire day at home, which is simply unheard of!  I am spending this lovely Saturday crafting, wrapping, and finalizing all Christmas shopping!


Errrday a Holiday: Fall Y'all

Well, it is November and FINALLY starting to feel like fall!  Those 80 degree temperatures were really starting to drive me crazy.  Fall is my absolute favorite season.  To get into the fall spirit, I made a fun little fall craft.  With Thanksgiving coming up, I am feeling extra thankful, so the sign reflects that feeling of thankfulness!  


Things That Make Me Happy: Planning

When you lead a busy life, planning is crucial.  But planning doesn't have to be boring.  Instead, it can be quite fabulous!  I started using a planner in high school and I love trying different brands and styles.


Things That Make Me Happy: Preppy Necessities

Diva on a dime. That is my life motto.  I love fabulous things, but I just simply cannot justify paying outrageous prices for something like shoes.  I am a thrifty shopper and I love it!  I love the thrill of finding a good deal. Why spend full price when you can find it for less?! Anytime I go shopping, I always search for promo or coupon codes. You would be surprised how many places offer these! There are certain things that are wardrobe staples and paying full price might be inevitable.  But there is no shame in mixing it up and trying to find deals on as many things as you can!

Links are provided for everything pictured.

Things That Make Me Happy: Baby Fashion

I LOVE when babies dress like little adults. But I also love finding little clothes at a reasonable price. There is no sense in spending a lot on baby clothes because the sad reality is that they grow oh so fast!  I am attaching links to a few of my favorite go-to spots for little T's clothes.

I also do a lot of thrifting and consignment shop perusing! You would be shocked at the impeccable condition that most of the baby clothes are in, you just have to be willing to do a little hunting.

This first outfit is the exception to the frugal shopping rule.  Nice, dressy outfits are worth the money spent, especially when you purchase classic pieces that can be passed down for generations to come. We lucked out with this one because our sweet Aunt Meg gave us this outfit!  Thanks Meg :) Feltman Brothers is absolutely timeless and something that your children can pass on to their children and so on. A few Feltman pieces are a must!

Things That Make Me Happy: Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite! 
Let me rephrase that: rainy, lazy, wake-up-at-home, no-plans-all-day Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite.  
We are ALWAYS on the go, so it's nice to have quiet, sleepy mornings to just be at home. Laundry, snuggling and coffee sipping are at the top of my to-do-list today. 
Football is on the TV and we are eagerly awaiting the game tonight. Roll Tide! 

Things That Make Me Happy: Happy Colors!

Bright colors make me oh so happy and I am a serious sucker for pretty packaging.

Fit Popcorn is one of my favorite go to snacks right now. It is GMO free, gluten free, dye free, free of preservatives, and the list goes on.  It comes in super pretty packaging AND it has very few calories per serving. I would say that's a win!