Things That Make Me Happy: Planning

When you lead a busy life, planning is crucial.  But planning doesn't have to be boring.  Instead, it can be quite fabulous!  I started using a planner in high school and I love trying different brands and styles.

Back in the day, Vera Bradley was my go-to.  This planner is nice because it provides a good amount of space to write for each day of the week and I love that! There is also a monthly spread, so you get the best of both worlds.  I love to have a lot of space to write everything going on for the day, so the weekly spread is perfect.  Tabs separate each of the months, making it easy to flip to the month you want.  There are also stickers included! FUN! Plus, it is only $25 and there are several pretty patterns to choose from.
In college, I graduated to Lilly Pulitzer.  I would always get the large agenda, which is $28.  This planner also has the monthly and weekly spreads.  Important dates are noted and stickers are included with this one too! AH! There are pockets in the front and an elastic band closure, which is very helpful if you need to keep papers inside.  These months are also separated by tabs and each month has a lead page with a different Lilly pattern on it, which can be used for fun projects! Love the Lilly agenda!
I made plates using patterns from the Lilly agenda!
These are for decorative purposes only.  
To make these, I used:
*plates from Dollar Tree. I made these a few years ago, so the plates are not exact, but what is linked would work!
*I took a piece of computer paper and stuck it to the bottom of the plate. I used an Exacto knife to cut around the indention in the plate.  I used that as my template to cut out the Lilly pattern.  Some of the lead month pages have so many words on them that the pattern won't be usable for this project.  I just selected the months that had enough of the pattern showing to be able to fill the circle.  Once I had my template, I placed the blank white circle on top of the page from the agenda and used the Exacto knife to cut the shape from the Lilly pattern.  
*once I had my pattern, I used Mod Podge to stick the pattern to the plate.
*I then took a black Sharpie and wrote a few of my favorite things around the outer edges of the plates!

The agenda that I am currently using is Kate Spade.  I have the large agenda, which is $36.  Similar to the others, this one offers both the weekly and monthly spreads.  It has the elastic closure, front pockets, and the monthly tabs.  There is plenty of room to write on each day of the week.  While I love Vera and Lilly, I love the classic simplicity of the Kate Spade.  It has everything that I need and nothing that I don't!  I carry it around with me everywhere!  I love Kate Spade. So classy and girly!  I love all three brands.  All three agendas really offer the same style, so it really comes down to your favorite designer! You can't go wrong with any of them.

Also pictured:

*My Kate Spade watch, which I LOVE.  Timing is everything ;)

*If you are looking for a printable monthly calendar, By Dawn Nicole has gorgeous designs.  She posts them every month and they are free to download!
*Ring dish from Monogram Monthly, which is a fun monthly subscription box! I went with the premium box, which was $30.  I love the ring dish, but I probably wouldn't subscribe for another month only because I can cut endless amounts of monograms with my Cameo. It was just something fun to try!
*Essie is my nail polish obsession.

*#GIRLBOSS is a MUST read.
*Mrs, Boss Lady mug from Shop Konfetti. Obsessed.
Happy planning, painting, crafting, reading, timing. Happy EVERYTHING!


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