Things That Make Me Happy: Happy Colors!

Bright colors make me oh so happy and I am a serious sucker for pretty packaging.

Fit Popcorn is one of my favorite go to snacks right now. It is GMO free, gluten free, dye free, free of preservatives, and the list goes on.  It comes in super pretty packaging AND it has very few calories per serving. I would say that's a win! 

When I was pregnant, I got away from drinking anything except for water (ok, and decaf coffee.) Andddd that can get a little boring.  Everyone needs a little flavor sometimes!  Sparkling water became my addiction.  I always make sure to select brand that have zero calories and no sugar, BUT  even without those things, you get the flavor, which is fab.  Clear American is great because, well, it's suuuuuper cheap. And it is good! I also love La Croix and Deer Park. So many flavor options.  Gotta keep that water game fresh! Not to mention the pretty bottles and pretty colors. Another plus of sparkling water!

With a lunch hour full of bright and pretty colors, I started feeing quite inspired and who is more colorful than Lilly Pulitzer?! Hint: NO ONE! 

I had a few sheets of printable vinyl lying around so I spruced up my computer's trackpad. I downloaded the Scuba to Cuba print, a template for the Macbook Pro trackpad, and instantly had a gorg addition to my laptop.  The gold monogram is also courtesy of my mid-day creativity spark + the oh-so-amazing Silhouette Cameo.

Wonderful color inspiration can be drawn from the beautiful pages of Tory Burch's book, In Color.  The book is available on Amazon Prime and I am a firm believer that everyone should own a copy!

If you need a little shade from all of the color, Ray-Ban Cats 1000 are simply fabulous.

Have a bright, cheery, colorful day!




  1. Seriously, everything you make and do is wonderful. I just started learning about my silhouette and I found the most perfect curly monogram font but I still haven't figured out the circle monogram font. Any tips you don't mind sharing?

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I actually use an app called Monogram It and create all of my monograms through that, email to myself and trace in the Silhouette Studio! easiest and cheapest way to get several monogram fonts!