Things That Make Me Happy: Baby Fashion

I LOVE when babies dress like little adults. But I also love finding little clothes at a reasonable price. There is no sense in spending a lot on baby clothes because the sad reality is that they grow oh so fast!  I am attaching links to a few of my favorite go-to spots for little T's clothes.

I also do a lot of thrifting and consignment shop perusing! You would be shocked at the impeccable condition that most of the baby clothes are in, you just have to be willing to do a little hunting.

This first outfit is the exception to the frugal shopping rule.  Nice, dressy outfits are worth the money spent, especially when you purchase classic pieces that can be passed down for generations to come. We lucked out with this one because our sweet Aunt Meg gave us this outfit!  Thanks Meg :) Feltman Brothers is absolutely timeless and something that your children can pass on to their children and so on. A few Feltman pieces are a must!

Fratty babies are my obsession. I swoon over babies in tiny preppy clothes! But those preppy brands come with hefty price tags. My little secret is eBay! I have found so many Ralph Lauren and Patagonia pieces on there for literally nothing.  The Patagonia pictured below was $15! And in brand new condition. The deals and products available change all the time, so search regularly and bid often. May the preppy, thrifty odds be ever in your favor.

I normally just search "Baby Patagonia" or "Baby Ralph Lauren"....you get the picture.

Zulily is a WONDERFUL place to find nice outfits at low prices. It is a daily deals site, so they offer different things each day.  However, most of the deals are available for more than just a day, which is nice.  I was able to get two monogrammed bubble suits for $48!  Serious steal.  Like eBay, you definitely want to check back often and snag the deals before everything is sold out.  I would suggest signing up for the emails so you know what is available each day.

Let's just say I saved the best for last! I am OBSESSED with every single design at Pint Size Press and I want T to wear these onesies all day. Every single day. They are ridiculously high quality and the designs are SO CUTE. Warning: if you browse her webiste, you might buy everything. Don't say you weren't warned!  We have outfits for everyday wear, holidays, football, you name it! My favorite place to buy onesies by far! She also has dresses for the girls, shirts, and polos for bigger kids! Check it out. You will not regret it.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your little one?

Happy shopping!



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