Craft Corner: DIY No Sew Applique Tee

My name is Caitlin and I am a monogram addict. I have a ridiculously strong desire to personalize EVERYTHING, especially for my little ones! This past weekend, I went shopping for the kiddos in hopes of finding spring clothes. We have a few super cute consignment shops locally and I am always able to score the basics very reasonably, but the adorable little shirts that I liked were $30 each. NO WAY. Naturally, I had to figure out how to make them myself!

This was my first attempt cutting fabric with my CAMEO, and I am hooked. I might never cut anything else again.


What you will need:

*Silhouette CAMEO, or similar machine (I use the CAMEO 3 and I am beyond obsessed)
*Blank Shirt
*Fabric Blade (Since I have the CAMEO 3, I use the automatic blade. I bought an extra one of those so that one can be used exclusively for fabric and one can be used for everything else! But, the regular fabric blade will work just fine.)
*Monogram It App to create monograms

The first thing I did was prep my fabric. You simply cut your fabric to the desired size and then cut a piece of Heat n Bond close to the size of the fabric. You place the Heat n Bond shiny side down on the back of the fabric. Iron it on.

Once your fabric is prepped, you can place it on the cutting mat and load it into the machine. I colored the top of my "fabric" blade, so that I would know which blade was which.

Now, prepare to cut! I previously created the monogram in my Monogram It app, emailed it to myself, dragged it into the Silhouette Studio and traced it. Once your monogram is ready, select your cut settings. I set mine to thin fabric and automatic blade.

Once your design is finished cutting, peel away the excess fabric and remove the paper liner that is on the back of the adhesive.

Place your design on the shirt.

Iron the monogram onto the shirt.

 Viola! You saved a ton of money AND your babies have shirts that are not only precious, but handmade by mommy with love!

Happy crafting and happy monogramming!



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