Hello Spring Sign DIY

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The day that the Target Dollar Spot is changed from one season to the next feels like Christmas EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I always try to catch them when they are putting everything out so I can slowly browse through all of the goodness before everything is quickly whisked away to its new home. 

I created a sign at Christmastime with a charger from the Dollar Spot, so I was excited to see the blank chargers again for Spring.

To welcome Spring with a fun craft, here is what you will need:

-Egg shaped charger from the Dollar Spot
-Faux flowers + hot glue
-Acrylic paint
-Oracal 651 in white and green

Open up Design ID #242302 in the Silhouette Studio and ungroup. I cut the words "Hello Spring" from white vinyl and then I moved the decorative leaves surrounding the words off to the side so that I could cut those separately from green vinyl.
After you cut the words from the white vinyl, you can get the remaining portion of the design ready to cut from green vinyl. In addition to the leaves that were around the "Hello Spring," I added an extra set to put on each side of the charger using Design ID #119354. Since Design ID #119354 has three leaves, ungroup, remove two. Size one to fit on the charger, duplicate the design and flip so that it will be the mirror image on the other side of the charger.

After you have all of your vinyl pieces ready, paint your charger and let dry.

You can arrange all of your vinyl pieces on the painted charger and hot glue your flowers to the edges. Of course Lightning McQueen had to make an appearance when I was trying to take a picture...

Viola! You are welcoming Spring in the happiest and cheeriest way possible!

Be sure to check out Craftey for more spring craft-spiration!

Happy crafting divas!



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