Things That Make Me Happy: Pepper Place!

Saturdays from April through December are my favorite days because that means Pepper Place! When we are in town, I love spending my Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market with the girls (and the hubs when I can talk him into going). I love the locally grown produce, flowers, and all of the goods from Alabama makers! I am sharing a few of my Pepper Place favorites with you today.

Big Spoon Creamery is actually the reason that I went to Pepper Place in the first place. I came across them on Instagram and saw a mint chip flavor that they were offering at Pepper Place soooo I had to go. And that is where the love affair began. Ever since then (over a year ago) I have been following Big Spoon all around! I am addicted to their ice cream sandwiches. They also do scoops and pints, so they have something for everyone. After you try their ice cream, don't be mad at me when you feel the constant urge to follow them all around the area; I gave you a fair warning that they are the bomb!

Y'ALL. This girl is THE.CUTEST. When I first saw her booth, I was instantly obsessed. She is a crafty girl that loves Jesus AND she makes the cutest coffee mugs! That's a win-win-win right there. She also offers tote bags, prints, and other precious items with her gorg lettering adorning them. I want to own everything that she makes. 

3. Local Farmers

Well, isn't that what the Farmer's Market is all about?! I love being able to browse through the market and pick up the freshest locally grown produce. I love to support the local farmers and I love all of the beautiful fruits and veggies that we bring home! 

When in season, I love to buy a gallon of strawberries to bake pies, make muffins, or to just eat as a quick snack! Even a gallon of strawberries won't last long in our house.

 I am madly in love with flowers and I have so much fun seeing all of the beautiful bouquets throughout the market. Can't go home without flowers!

When you see the longest line at the market and you are wondering what the fuss is about, it is none other than Piper & Leaf. I can't tell you how many times I have stood in line for 15+ minutes just to have my jar filled with delicious tea. The jar is included with your purchase, and if you take it back with you next time, you get your tea at a discounted price! Their tea is nice and refreshing on a hot summer day, or anytime for that matter! A must try.

The Red Cat often sets up a booth a Pepper Place, but I much prefer my coffee in an actual mug. Since the coffeehouse is located in the heart of Pepper Place, it's easy to stop in for a cup of joe. Huge oversized mugs, tall windows covering the walls, spacious seating, what more could a girl ask for?! I love the atmosphere as much as I love the coffee.

I hope you enjoy the local area as much as I do! I love getting out and exploring and finding new local businesses to support. Birmingham is booming y'all. Love where you live! Get out there and try something new this weekend.

Happy exploring!



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