Sweet Summertime DIY Tray

Summertime is quickly approaching and that means many weekends spent at the lake with family. When the family gets together, it's always a party! Since we are always serving something, a cute summer tray will be put to great use. I love quick and easy DIYs that can be used again and again!

What You'll Need:

*Serving Tray (mine came from the Target Dollar Spot)
*Silhouette CAMEO

First, you will open up Design ID#186916, size it and add your registration marks. Print the design on your inkjet printable vinyl.

Once you have printed your design, select your cut settings and load the printable vinyl into your CAMEO. I turned my settings to white sticker paper and it worked just fine.

Next, you need to cut your vinyl laminate overlay. Remove your registration marks and cut just the circle outline. I turned my cut settings to stencil material and it was a perfect cut!

Before I peeled my design away from the printable vinyl sheet, I went ahead and placed my vinyl laminate overlay on top. Since I plan to use my tray over and over, the laminate overlay will just help to preserve and protect the design. When you are placing your laminate overlay on top of the printable vinyl design, just remember that slow and easy wins the race! You won't be able to peel it off once it has been placed because the ink from the printable vinyl would peel back with it. I learned that the hard way :)

Now you can peel your design away from the printable vinyl sheet and carefully place on your tray.

To add a little something extra in the empty space, I added ants. Open Design ID#2846, size to your liking and then copy and paste. Cut all of your ants at once from your black Oracal 651.

Arrange the ants around the outside of your main center design.

Whip up some lemonade, head to the lake, and celebrate summer! 

 Happy crafting and happy summer!

xoxo loves, 

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