Family Movie Night Bar


I love making ordinary days a little extraordinary to create fun memories for the kids. The other night, we decided at the last minute to do a family movie night and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile! My stepson is with us for the summer, so we hopped in the car and headed out to gather some treats. We set out to create our own little concession stand and we had so much fun finding everything and setting everything up. He even helped me take the pictures!

 Grab your kiddos, grab your vinyl, and get ready for a fabulous movie night.

What You'll Need:
*Plastic Bin (what I got was actually a dish pan, but it was $1!)
*Chalkboard Sign (I painted the frame)
-Flamingo Pink
*Snack on Snacks on Snack and a Fun Movie!

The first thing I did was create the label for the treat bin. I typed "Sweet Treats" in a font called PN Peach Preserves from the Silhouette Design Store.

Cut the words from your Mint Series 51 Vinyl, weed, cover with transfer tape, and apply to the front of the bin. Now fill that bin up with all of your sweet treats!

I love to personalize EVERYTHING, so I had to make a fun personalized sign! I painted the outer wooden frame of the chalkboard sign in a lavender color. I then typed the words "Welcome To Hallman Cinemas" in Cupcake Movie Font. Y'all, I can't lie. This was not a fun font to weed, but I wanted the cinema feel. Just be patient here! Weed the design, cover with transfer tape and place the words on the chalkboard sign.

The final thing I did was create a little popcorn sign. Open Design ID #82261 and right click to ungroup the design. I cut each portion of the design from a different color. I used the Mint Series 51 for the word Popcorn, Champagne Luster Vinyl for the popcorn part of the design and Flamingo Pink and White for the box portion of the design. Make sure to select "No Cut" on the parts of the design that you aren't cutting.

Once you have all of your pieces, apply one piece at a time to the chalkboard side of your mini easel.

Now pull out your favorite family flick, gather all the cozy blankets and pillows, fill your popcorn containers to brim and let the kids eat all the candy! I hope you and your family enjoy your movie night as much as we did.

Happy crafting loves!

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